Based in Melbourne’s city fringe, Weightless was brought to life after filmmaker Will Gaffney decided it was time for a change of direction (filmmaking pun intended). The idea was to create a video production company where story and engagement came first.

Consumers are changing and it’s no longer about using “tricks of the trade” to manipulate an audience or potential customers. Now more than ever, people are looking for connection, something that really means something.
We want to find out what it is that makes your story worth telling and create something that is both meaningful and effective in engaging your audience.

There is an expectation for organisations to create interesting and consumable content to deliver messaging both internally and externally. After all, who has time to read a 50-page report these days?

Weightless is grounded in the idea that it’s time to step away from the old standards of corporate video production, focusing instead on the message and the audience.

We all want to be heard. To express our ideas and to impact those around us. In order to do this effectively, it needs to be about creating for the viewer experience. That’s what we do.