Project Status

100% Complete

The original commissioned version of RACER is now complete. The film screened privately to an audience of 450 in Melbourne on April 11th 2019. Weightless and our associated partners in the film are now reviewing potential broadcast opportunities.

Crew & Contributors

Writer / Director – Will Gaffney
Executive Producer – Alfredo Costanzo
Editor – Raechel Harding
Camera – Sherwin Akbarzadeh, Stu Ross, Bas Hosn, Will Gaffney
Sound Recordists – Brendan Muller & Hugh Palmer
Archive – Jeff Daniels
Research Producer – Niamh Donohoe
Original Score – Fraser Myers
Music Mix – Christian Scallan
Sound Mixer – Paul McCosh
Production Assistants – Marrs Coiro & Jacinta Power

RACER – The Story of Alfie Costanzo

Coming from a small village in Italy with virtually no cars and migrating to Australia in the late 1950’s, Alfie Costanzo overcame the odds to become one of the greatest drivers in Australian history.

The film is the story of four-time (consecutive) Australian Drivers Champion Alfredo “Alfie” Costanzo as told by his son Alfredo Jnr. and those that were part of his life and career. It is a story of ambition, determination, family, success and all the ups and downs that are a part of motor racing.

Approximate running time – 54 minutes