Nike – What Are You Working On?

The series “What Are You Working On” uncovers the works in progress happening around the world as athletes navigate journeys in and beyond their sport.

Australian Football League player and professional boxer Tayla Harris is a big believer in the power of saying “yes.” While navigating two pro sporting careers can be tricky, it doesn’t stop her from living this belief in her personal life as she explores new business ventures and opportunities. It’s about trying anything on for size to discover what you are truly capable of.

Agency – Victory
Creative Lead – Mario Soriano
Creative Lead – Mark McCambridge
Director / Producer – Will Gaffney
Director / Producer – Vincent Volpe
Producer – Tyler Hall
Producer / Editor – Archi Prudencio
Camera – David McKinnar
Camera – Filip Milovac
Production Assistant – Raechel Harding
Sound Recordist – Jack McCulloch