Project Status

Project Status – 60% Complete

Shooting for this film is now complete. The edit is under way and a trailer for the film will be released shortly. Designs for the film title and poster are also now in the works.

Crew & Contributors

Director / Producer – Will Gaffney
Camera – Sherwin Akbarzadeh, Stu Ross, Dave Hunter, Will Gaffney
Editor – Raechel Harding
Production Assistants – Mick Mills, Marrs Coiro, Jacinta Power
Design & Graphics – Dan Camilleri


Tattoo Island explores the cultural, political and commercial aspects of the tattoo industry in modern day Australia.

Directed by filmmaker and tattoo collector Will Gaffney, the documentary investigates the culture of tattoos in modern Australian society.

Interviews with well-known artists from both Australia and abroad, tattoo collectors, celebrities and industry experts make for a diverse and unbiased documentary showing all aspects of the Australian tattoo community.

Nikko Hurtado (Black Anchor Collective / Miami Ink)
Little Mick Kosenko (Rebels Motorcycle Club)
Dane Swan (ex-Collingwood player and tattoo shop owner)
Jane Laver (owner of Chapel Tattoo)
Tashi GLT (owner of Green Lotus Tattoo and VP of The Australian Tattooist Guild)
Mike Driver (laser tattoo removal specialist)
+ many more