Angelbird Technologies – Gear Review


Since I became a filmmaker around 12 years ago, one of my favourite things about the profession has been playing with all the cool gadgets and toys that go along with making films. I’ve always been really excited about advancements in filmmaking technology; higher resolution cameras, wireless integration, faster computers with sharper screens and drones that practically fly themselves. One area I’m particularly excited about at the moment is media. Solid state drives, super-fast SD cards and CFast 2.0 cards are now all part of my daily workflow when making films. The importance of having fast, reliable, drives and cards is [...]

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Shooting in Samoa


On January 27th  2018 I set off to Samoa with Motivation Australia to shoot for a week. There were two main objectives for the shoot: find the stories of people who have overcome physical disability to create the life they want and to educate Samoans about the services that are available to them. Nearly four years ago, Motivation Australia connected with the NHS and MDS in Samoa to setup a service for people that require an aid for mobility. In that time, more than 1000 Samoans received a wheelchair, an artificial limb or an orthosis. Whilst over in Samoa, I got [...]

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Projects and News for Q1 2018


Welcome to 2018; the second year of Weightless Films. 2017 was an incredible start for Weightless as a new company. We completed nearly twice the number of projects we had originally set as our goal for the year, moved into the studio in Cremorne, bought loads of new camera gear, made many new contacts, travelled around Australia and made great advances in our feature length documentaries. Now it’s 2018 and we’re off to a cracking start! On January 27th we’re off to Samoa with Motivation Australia ( to shoot a short form documentary about all the amazing work they are doing [...]

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New Gear Day – The Canon C200


One of the best things about being a filmmaker (for me) is definitely all the awesome toys we get to play with. Whether I buy or hire, I love experimenting with new cameras. Always trying to find the ideal camera to make my next "goto". After shooting on Canon C100 MKII's for a couple of years, they became my favourite all round camera. Small, light, ergonomic, Canon's killer colour science and exceptionally small files sizes. At the time it was everything I needed. However now, with all the same needs as before but with the addition of broadcast requirements, 4K resolution and [...]

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So here it is, blog post number one. 2017 has already been a huge year for us and has certainly exceeded expectations in almost every respect. Starting a new company is never easy, but with an incredible crew, some trusting clients and whole lot of ideas, Weightless is officially here to stay. Ok, so here’s a little summery of where and what we’re up to: Last week we moved into our new home in Cremorne (Richmond) and we’re stoked to be here. Not only are we sharing a building with our mate Paul from Viva Sound, the area is swarming with [...]

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